Day Sixty Nine: 30th September 2012


When I saw you
the other day,
The sun was blazing
unseasonably hot,
And you were smiling,
A surprise to me,

Unseasonably Hot: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Eight: 29th September 2012


Life is a vortex,
A swirling mass,
Held together by uncertainty,
Sucking energy and laughter,
Regurgitated as anguish and despair,
What hope for the weak, the vulnerable?
In this endless, barren existence.

Swirling Mass: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Seven: 28th September 2012


Dreams of opulence,
Lacy dresses, Silken shoes,
Filled my night slumber,
An early morning storm the backdrop.
Crashing thunder and pelting rain,
Bouncing rhythmically off the tin roof,
Became a sparkling expanse of water,
A glorious view from an extravagant balcony,
Mahogany and crystal,
A grand mansion, Number 10,
I don’t know where,
I don’t know when,
A past life?
Or somewhere in the recesses of my mind?

Dreaming Doorways: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Six: 27th September 2012


Its time to move on, you said,
That night on the veranda,
While a warm breeze wafted,
Across broken smiles,
Drying salty tears,
And stirring an internal storm,
In the pit of my stomach, a knot,
Pulling tighter as you walk away,
And the fabric of the day unravels,

Internal Storm: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Five: 26th September 2012


Nowhere to go today,
No breathing space,
A mind occupied,
No words to fill the gaps,
Empty spaces, hyphens left begging,
Verses unfulfilled,
An unphrased memoir

A Mind Occupied: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012.

Day Sixty Four: 25th September 2012


Awoken drowsy, fuzzy,
Arms hot and heavy on soft flesh,
Feet entwined in a sleepy dance,
Dreams fading lazily into the past,
Surreal images in a parallel world,
Blinds drawn, light sneaks in around the edges,
Casting grey smudges and silhouetting reality.

Fuzzy Reality: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Three: 24th September 2012


The sun’s rays slip gently over the horizon, beckoning,
And the velvet black sky becomes a honey orange, sticky,
And a cool breeze blows away the night’s debris, swirling,
And I sit watching, waiting for a new day to unfold.

The Sun: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty Two : 23rd September 2012


A chilled misery flowing through veins,
Numbing passion, feelings bereft,
Exhaustion overcomes logic,
Duress, a stagnant decision,
Emotional Hypothermia.

Chilled Misery: Pastel on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty One: 22nd September 2012


When I came home today,
You were there, waiting,
Eyes nervous, speech jittery,
You greeted me, tentative,
Wary of old patterns, emerging,
Memories of doors slamming,
Angry voices rising,
But for now there is calm,
A weary understanding,
A melancholy truce.

Patterns: Pastel on paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Sixty: 21st September 2012


Pulverized, there is nothing left,
Bones crushed, Skin raw, red,
Feelings vacant,
The punishment of years
Leave only emptiness,
The reality a memory,
Of necessary numbness.

Emptiness: Pastel on Paper