One Year of A Poem and a Drawing a Day!

So, after one year readers, you finally get to hear my real voice and not my poetry voice. And this is what 365 days of poetry & drawing a day looks like, plus the champas to celebrate the marathon effort!




The project has been an amazing experience for many different reasons – obviously a variety of skills have developed such as drawing and writing and discipline and being organised, but I have also grown within my self: poetry has a way of achieving that, I think. The question now, however, is ‘Where to next?’

Apart from the obvious feelings of withdrawal, what will I do with this vast database of poems and sketchbook drawings? And what will I do with this blog?

In answer to the first question, I think I will go back through the poems and choose a few to send off to journals or enter into competitions. As far as the drawings go, i will stick to my original intention discussed on my about page, and develop some of them onto larger formats for exhibition.

Question two, however, is more problematic. I had thought to continue on, however, only write one poem and draw one image a week – that way I could spend more time on them (unless I leave it to the last minute as I do with most things) so that the posts would be more developed. There is, though, a slight problem with this idea – the blog is called A Poem and a Drawing A Day!! And even if I change the title of the blog, the URL will remain the same… what a conundrum!

So, while I continue to ponder this small dilemma – which seems to loom larger in my head by the hour – I will throw the floor open to suggestions.

I await your replies in anticipation πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “One Year of A Poem and a Drawing a Day!

    • …. aaww… the pressure, or is that encouragement… either way it is tempting: although it has been very demanding, and I want to focus on other projects this year, it has become a bit of a habit!!


  1. First, congrats on an amazing achievement! Go with your gut. As much as it would be nice for your followers to continue seeing daily posts from you, it’s really about zeroing in on what you want. Only you can answer that. I wouldn’t worry about the blog url but maybe changing the name of the blog would identify where you are headed now and serve to inspire that. Look forward to more in whatever format or timeframe you choose!


  2. Maybe you could create a second blog called A Poem and a Drawing a Week, and place links on each blog linking to the other.
    Hope to continue reading your poems! πŸ™‚


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