The Decision!

And so, after much mind boggling pondering I have decided to go with a poem a week, so I will be changing the blog name to “A Poem and Drawing a Week”, though the URL will remain the same, and I will update my About page to reflect the changes.

It was suggested by a few followers to keep the daily poem happening, but as I stipulated in a previous post I now want to have the ‘headspace’ to focus on other projects. It was also suggested to begin a new blog – but I think that would be too complicated, and a big ask for existing followers to migrate over – I know if it were me it would take effort: simply because I have so much other stuff happening in my life.

Hence, my decision.

Now that I have made this choice I have already published a new post on my art blog – which I have been inconsistent with over the past year due to the mental energy needed for this blog. So hopefully a more even balance will now be struck between both blogs.

Based on the fact that my final poem was posted on Tuesday the 23rd July, I will now post a poem every Tuesday: my next one being due, therefore on Tuesday, 30th July.

I wrote Tuesday’s poem this morning and plan to refine it over the next few days. Theoretically this should mean it will be of a higher calibre – or maybe writing ‘off the cuff’ and ‘in the moment’ will prove to be superior in terms of capturing the emotive state, only time will tell…

In anticipation of you continuing to join me here is a spontaneous Haiku inspired poem written ‘as we speak’ and ‘in the moment’ to wet you appetite…

future’s vision
yesterday’s folly
tomorrow’s joy
= happy followers

Pen on Paper in my Appointment Diary

Pen on Paper in my Appointment Diary


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