Week One: 30th July 2013

agony contorts a tired body
bemusement reflecting jaded eyes
camouflaging torturous pangs

despair takes over
eventually consuming all thought
frivolous ideas abandoned
gargantuan tasks forgotten

happiness a distant tempter
indiscriminately beckoning
judging past rights as wrongs
kaleidoscopes turning and changing

laughter sniggering in the corner
melting the spoken word
never-ending monotony lingers

only dreams contain answers
possibly even solutions
quitting this world may help

resistance seems futile
struggling for automatic responses
treachery surrounds the migrating soul
undermining logic and reason
validating resident devilry
while forever evicting hope

xanadu no more
yearning a perpetual state
zen silence for my soul

**written in response to the Daily Prompt A-Z. More entries can be found here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/daily-prompt-orderly/

Collage and Wax Bar on Handmade Paper

Collage and Wax Bar on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2013

6 thoughts on “Week One: 30th July 2013

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  2. Such colourful lines. I adore “only dreams contain answers” and it’s immediate follow-up. Very interesting words choices too, particularly with xanadu, not one I would have thought of. Gripping piece, very clever.


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