To Exist

I close my eyes
and you disappear
hands over my ears
scathing words now muffled
rolling myself into a ball
I shrink into the corner
futilely trying to disappear
But I don’t
then you hit me

Wax and Pastel on Handmade Paper

Wax and Pastel on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2014

Written in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge (and napowrimo)
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9 thoughts on “To Exist

    • Hey Chas…. yes a difficult subject – but better to be ‘out there’ than hidden away: hopefully talking about it brings a greater understanding about the situation of women (and some men) who are caught in this groundhog day scenario.


      • Had a rather sobering presentation from Director of Youth Projects re the growing disconnection of young people and women in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The cycle of abuse, homelessness and unemployment is quite frightening and then to hear Abbot talking about ‘tough love’ – ie some mantra about ‘just getting a job’ after dismantling the manufacturing industry in the North – irksome.


      • Thanks Chas…. yes this Abbot Govt is out of control & out of touch – I am very fearful of the future because even if they are a one term govt what damage will they do during this time. And usually once legislation goes through it is unusual for the following govt to revoke it IE Welfare to Work legislation. I guess we just have to hope the Senate make the right choices!


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