The Future of Seeds

what has become of the seeds
once sown
tilled rich moist soil
red dirt blanket
enveloping warmth
keeping safe the stalks
feeding nourishing

what has become of the seeds
brown bare earth lay
only dead dust blowing
trapped within a barren windswept bowl

Charcoal Pencils

Charcoal Pencils

© Dawn Whitehand 2015



Hope of a New Day

a heavy heat haze hangs
blanketing a sweaty landscape
stifling the hesitant breeze
sucking away its warm breathe
suffocating unquestioning inhabitants

empty tree limbs struggle under the weight
flower heads bow in submission
scattered fauna held captive in shadowy pockets
even the clear water’s reflection sits stagnant

all await the moon and the cool relief of darkness

all await a new day

Dawn Whitehand Acrylic on Paper


© Dawn Whitehand 2015