The Torment


and I remember the wretched childhood
the unending moaning
from behind closed doors
as you mourned what was no longer

yet I was still there

I still am

yet the wretchedness lingers on
ignoring my existence
as though I too never was

but i was

and I still am

Dawn Whitehand Poem

Biro on Handmade Paper

Dawn Whitehand © 2017

A New Years Resolution

A New Years Resolution…

to smell warm eucalyptus and forthcoming rain
not the smoky black burden of fires ferocious aftermath

to listen to a gentle summer breeze rustle green leaves
not unseasonal winds wreaking havoc across the now barren land

to taste clean fresh water gurgling
not greedy corporate pollution running through my veins

to feel warm sun and green grass
not despair at the grisley cries of once bountiful Mother Nature dying

to gaze upward and outward
not inward where gloom grips the soul with an unending relentless grasp

My New Years Resolution….

Conte Sketch altered in Prisma

Conte Sketch altered in Prisma

© Dawn Whitehand 2017