The Silence of Domestic Violence

he may hear you
and use it against you

listen and learn
knowledge is your only weapon

watch and observe
learn his patterns and habits

pack up your things
and quietly tiptoe away


Conte on Handmade Paper

Conte on Handmade Paper


© Dawn Whitehand 2015

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) *

cold rain
icicles dagger like
prickling my skin
piercing my veins
an endless trauma
enveloping my heart
saturating my soul
a merciless scourge
winter torment

Dawn Whitehand abstract art SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

Wax on Handmade paper


















© Dawn Whitehand 2014

*SAD – Seasonal Affectice Disorder is often associatd with Winter : here is a research starting point from Wikipedia:

Day Two Hundred and Thirty One: 11th March 2013

a pearl of salty sweat
drips down my chest
perpendicular to your shoulders
and splashes on the crinkled sheets

passion’s silent witness

Pastel on Handmade Paper

Pastel on Handmade Paper




















© Dawn Whitehand 2013

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine: 9th March 2013

you were coming back last night
when you left the house excitedly
“see you in an hour” you called
casually over your left shoulder
as you pulled the front door
closed behind you in a flurry of energy

you were coming back last night
but you didn’t

Pastel on Handmade Paper

Pastel on Handmade Paper


















© Dawn Whitehand 3013

Day Sixty One: 22nd September 2012


When I came home today,
You were there, waiting,
Eyes nervous, speech jittery,
You greeted me, tentative,
Wary of old patterns, emerging,
Memories of doors slamming,
Angry voices rising,
But for now there is calm,
A weary understanding,
A melancholy truce.

Patterns: Pastel on paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012