crashing relentlessly
reverberating in my ears
your scream
piercing my haggard brain
untempered brutality
bruising my pulpy flesh
vitriolic words
destroying my once sane mind

only you

Wax on Paper

Wax on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016

Goodbye Mother Earth

though the sun wept bitter tears
the drenched land remained barren

an unfertile thing made by men
laden with forgotten memories
clogged within thick wet dust

the exhaust fumes of yester-years progress
pathing the burden of tomorrows treachery

and the strangling death of Mother Earth

bushfire 2015

© Dawn Whitehand 2016

The Day You Went Away

the day you went away was bleak

a howling wind announced you departure
torrential rain washing away your footsteps
silence reverberated from cold walls

and still does

as does haziness
a gray halo encircling emptiness

where once a heartbeat sang to the rhythm of life
now only silence bemoans the hollow wail of death

Dawn Whitehand

© Dawn Whitehand 2015


wild wind whistled
while wispy wishes
whispered woeful wails

halting heinous hailing
hurriedly hurting horribly
however hauling happiness

and another arrow
announced agony again
arguing angry angst

thinking theories thoroughly
thoughts thrashed thickly
throwing thunder through

Wax & Newspaper on Handmade Paper - digitally manipulated

Wax & Newspaper on Handmade Paper – digitally manipulated

© Dawn Whitehand 2014

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) *

cold rain
icicles dagger like
prickling my skin
piercing my veins
an endless trauma
enveloping my heart
saturating my soul
a merciless scourge
winter torment

Dawn Whitehand abstract art SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

Wax on Handmade paper


















© Dawn Whitehand 2014

*SAD – Seasonal Affectice Disorder is often associatd with Winter : here is a research starting point from Wikipedia:

Longing for Tomorrow

cold seeps in through the cracks
an icy chill prickling my pores
ethereal water molecules freeze instantly
falling heavy from the dense laden air
thousands of scattering crystals crashing
refreezing on the dank stone floor
where I lie forever shivering naked
while the blazing sun warms the Earth outside
invisible from the window I do not have

Wax on Handmade Paper

Wax on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2014

This post is written in response to this weeks WordPress Writing Challenge

To Exist

I close my eyes
and you disappear
hands over my ears
scathing words now muffled
rolling myself into a ball
I shrink into the corner
futilely trying to disappear
But I don’t
then you hit me

Wax and Pastel on Handmade Paper

Wax and Pastel on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2014

Written in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge (and napowrimo)
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