Drawing Gallery

The following images are a selection of drawings that have been published on the blog over the past year – for those of you who don’t want to trawl through the poems 🙂

If you want to see more, I guess you’ll have to scroll through the poems …enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Drawing Gallery

  1. While I actually enjoy the accompanying poems – you REALLY need to show these in-the-flesh somewhere. Even a book-arts type exhibit, as I know you’re planning something more involved w/these later on. But I can’t help but appreciate the little gems that each are!


    • thanks Patricia… and yes… as I approach the end of the 365 days i am beginning to think more seriously about how I am going to further this project… there are so many different conceptual options – but i will definitely be doing something… stay tuned 🙂


  2. I really like your artwork…I sit here, looking for a word to describe what I feel when I look at your creations…as a writer I usually have the word right away. But yours will have to wait. I don’t know if each creation has it’s own meaning..I do read your poetry, and I enjoy that as well. I love mysteries like this!


      • Ha! You would think as a writer I would have the right words! I don’t know art terms as well as I know grammar..But I find your artwork soft but textured, many with one different color to catch your attention. There is a depth to the works, as if you can see “Into” them. How did I do? Tell me how you describe your work…I sure could use a little help.


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