Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight: 8th December 2012

the yellow lights were dim in the place
where you sat in the empty corner
on a green chair hard
listening to 80’s music too loud
drowned out by intoxicated voices competing

and i watched you watching
wondering why…

Why: charcoal on handmade paper

Why: charcoal on handmade paper

Day One Hundred & Twenty: 20th November 2012

the squeaky door
was ajar
when you whispered
of me
being with another.

angry words,
unforgiving tone,
hurting sigh.

and I wonder,
why are you still here…

Angry Words: Charcoal on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

Day Eighty Five: 16th October 2012


Where did you go
When the Yelling stopped
And the Door slammed
And the Dreams shattered
Crashing Falling to the ground
And will you be back
All White Knight- Like
Wiping away the Salty Tears
Of Bitterness and Hurt
Or is it too Damaged
Gone now Forever
Buried in the Trauma of Shame?

Damaged: Charcoal on Handmade paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2012