NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty Five

Death alludes me
as does Life
fresh air
smells musty and grey
green pastures
appear back and burnt
colourful wildflowers
dotting the hillside
shrivel and die
a welcome relief
from the banality of tomorrow

© Dawn Whitehand 2017

NaPoWriMo – Day Twelve

tapping the table
anticipation shrivels
as the minutes tick relentlessly

pacing the floor
expectation growing
as the hours drag mercilessly

idly standing by
realisations dwindling
as the years mount vengefully
replaced with an empty nothingness

the end

© Dawn Whitehand 2017

NaPoWriMo – Day Eight

once bright and alert
now dull and watery

your sunken eyes watch me
tracing my uncertain steps

bones protrude delicately
accepting my wrinkled reality

your fragility is unsettling
a reminder of my forever mortality

Digital Drawing from Original Photo


© Dawn Whitehand 2017

For You

nursing your ego

I listen



healing your wounds

open mind scars

seeping poisonous sludge

an invisible virus

that can’t be contained

it lashes out



Dawn Whitehand

© Dawn Whitehand 2015

Eulogy for a Buddy

its quieter
without you here
and colder
there is an emptiness
a silent echo
resounding through the house

the moist ground
where once you lay
your final resting place
mother earth enveloping you
in a final warm embrace

RIP Eddy xx

Charcoal Pencil on Handmade Paper

Charcoal Pencil on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2015



shiny wedding bells sparkly
rang anew richly yesterday
thudding sluggish today clumsy
eroding tomorrow crumbling slowly
a lone remorseful relic rusty
in the archaeological dig dankly
of life love loss and the lonely

Charcoa l on Handmade Paper

Charcoa l on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand

Forgotten Epiphany

endless carriages of eager faces
wondrous at a surreal landscape
stare in vain longing for revelation

huge rocks-strange colours-alien textures
jutting from undulating cool waters
whispering unknown magical powers

some plunge into white tipped waves
swimming with strange mystical creatures
others wait hesitantly on the stoney shore

I sit upon the sand patiently
waiting for the single inspiration
a vision washing over me

and I feel the sensation arrive
clarity splashing and tingling
I absorb the cleansing euphoria

but tell no-one they say
because you can’t come back
no-one knows how to get here

so drink from the river of forgetfulness
and remember us not

Pastel on Handmade Paper

Pastel on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2013