A Gray Day

the sky is gray
whilst you walk away
disappearing into the fray
with my feelings you play
moulding them like clay
on any other day
it would be okay
but please not while we’re gay

Computer Enhanced Conte Digital Drawing

© Dawn Whitehand 2015


New Years Poem

and what resolution this new year
to instil myself with fear
so that others may not leer
at my failings and sneer
although I may be so near
the goal posts at the last minute veer
and I am left merely to peer
wishing I was a seer

Original Photograph taken New Years Eve by me :-)

Original Photograph taken New Years Eve by me 🙂


© Dawn Whitehand 2015

A Christmas Poem

sparkling bright
blue green and white
bursting feast of light
wrapping the tree in delight
so that all that see it might
forget their everyday fright
for just a night
a happy plight

Happy Xmas to my fellow blog readers and likers and anybody else that may happen to stop by 🙂
digital drawing ©Dawn Whitehand 2014