How to Throw on the Potters Wheel – A Didactic poem

firstly become centred
feel the moisture
envelope your being
gliding between your fingertips
pulling up squeezing down
slowly gently opening
guiding delicate curves
skillfully pulling upwards
shaping the sturdy foot
caressing the bulging belly
supporting the shoulder
tenderly smoothing ripples

creating a life

Digitally altered Photo

Digitally altered Photo

© Dawn Whitehand 2016


Prompt from :
“Many years ago, “didactic” poetry was very common – in other words, poetry that explicitly sought to instruct the reader in some kind of skill or knowledge, whether moral, philosophical, or practical. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write the latter kind of “how to” poem – a didactic poem that focuses on a practical skill”  …. so my response – my practical skill is throwing on the potters wheel 🙂


Endings or Beginnings

death stares
your cold eyes
icy hard
drill through my head
penetrating my core
a laser beam
red hot
crippling my thoughts
paralysing my limbs

to not care
my only salvation

so I don’t

and I am free

Dawn Whitehand Conte Crayon

Conte Crayon on Handmade Paper


© Dawn Whitehand 2015




shiny wedding bells sparkly
rang anew richly yesterday
thudding sluggish today clumsy
eroding tomorrow crumbling slowly
a lone remorseful relic rusty
in the archaeological dig dankly
of life love loss and the lonely

Charcoa l on Handmade Paper

Charcoa l on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand

unwanted interludes

green doors loom large ghostly
haunting dreamlike fragments jigsawed
visiting unwelcome nightly intruders
gatecrashing peaceful slumber lost
slamming shut jolting awake
memories pitiless return flooding
incessantly torturing a waking mind
unscrupulous you visit unrelenting
manacles on unwilling ankles bleeding

Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing

© Dawn Whitehand 2014

The Decision!

And so, after much mind boggling pondering I have decided to go with a poem a week, so I will be changing the blog name to “A Poem and Drawing a Week”, though the URL will remain the same, and I will update my About page to reflect the changes.

It was suggested by a few followers to keep the daily poem happening, but as I stipulated in a previous post I now want to have the ‘headspace’ to focus on other projects. It was also suggested to begin a new blog – but I think that would be too complicated, and a big ask for existing followers to migrate over – I know if it were me it would take effort: simply because I have so much other stuff happening in my life.

Hence, my decision.

Now that I have made this choice I have already published a new post on my art blog – which I have been inconsistent with over the past year due to the mental energy needed for this blog. So hopefully a more even balance will now be struck between both blogs.

Based on the fact that my final poem was posted on Tuesday the 23rd July, I will now post a poem every Tuesday: my next one being due, therefore on Tuesday, 30th July.

I wrote Tuesday’s poem this morning and plan to refine it over the next few days. Theoretically this should mean it will be of a higher calibre – or maybe writing ‘off the cuff’ and ‘in the moment’ will prove to be superior in terms of capturing the emotive state, only time will tell…

In anticipation of you continuing to join me here is a spontaneous Haiku inspired poem written ‘as we speak’ and ‘in the moment’ to wet you appetite…

future’s vision
yesterday’s folly
tomorrow’s joy
= happy followers

Pen on Paper in my Appointment Diary

Pen on Paper in my Appointment Diary

One Year of A Poem and a Drawing a Day!

So, after one year readers, you finally get to hear my real voice and not my poetry voice. And this is what 365 days of poetry & drawing a day looks like, plus the champas to celebrate the marathon effort!




The project has been an amazing experience for many different reasons – obviously a variety of skills have developed such as drawing and writing and discipline and being organised, but I have also grown within my self: poetry has a way of achieving that, I think. The question now, however, is ‘Where to next?’

Apart from the obvious feelings of withdrawal, what will I do with this vast database of poems and sketchbook drawings? And what will I do with this blog?

In answer to the first question, I think I will go back through the poems and choose a few to send off to journals or enter into competitions. As far as the drawings go, i will stick to my original intention discussed on my about page, and develop some of them onto larger formats for exhibition.

Question two, however, is more problematic. I had thought to continue on, however, only write one poem and draw one image a week – that way I could spend more time on them (unless I leave it to the last minute as I do with most things) so that the posts would be more developed. There is, though, a slight problem with this idea – the blog is called A Poem and a Drawing A Day!! And even if I change the title of the blog, the URL will remain the same… what a conundrum!

So, while I continue to ponder this small dilemma – which seems to loom larger in my head by the hour – I will throw the floor open to suggestions.

I await your replies in anticipation 🙂

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five: 23 July 2013

it all began a year ago today
brewed under the comforting blanket of night
then daunting in the stark light of day
a silent screaming challenge
a pinky finger promise
issued from me to me
a test to be passed or failed

forward suddenly 365 days
and hours of introspection
buckets of tears overflowing
boxes of broken crayons piled high
reams of tactile handmade paper
floating in the cyber-cloud for all to see
but not to touch

Oil Pastel and Soft Pastel on Handmade Paper

Oil Pastel and Soft Pastel on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2013

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Four: 22nd July 2013

weariness overcomes my body
and my sole desire
is to consume a hot toddy
to set my chest a-fire
and chase away the colywobbles
with which my mind is infected
from where my emotions are gobbled
then no longer will I feel rejected

Pastel on Handmade Paper

Pastel on Handmade Paper
















© Dawn Whitehand 2013

Day Three Hundred and Fifty Three: 11th July 2013

a musical conversation
emerging from the treetops
wafting sing-song
lyrical melodies airbourne
bursting with elequant courtship
a warbling serenade

Tinted Charcoal on Handmade Paper

Tinted Charcoal on Handmade Paper
















© Dawn Whitehand 2013