dark swirls of noiseless wind
tug endlessly
tall ageless trees
branches strung out
silhouetting the night sky
against mother nature’s savage breath
slowly ravaging
time lumbers obliviously
till virgin glints of sunlight
cut a crevice in the earth
a black hole sucking life from the tempest
and spewing forth another eulogy of despair

Charcoal on handmade paper

Charcoal on handmade paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2015

When Words Are Too Late

the words left unsaid
are the loudest
a mute plea
falling on deaf ears
a silent scream
echoing from empty walls
a voiceless cry

i love you

Dawn whitehand drawing

Dawn Whitehand Pen on Handmade Paper Doodle Drawing

© Dawn Whitehand 2015

More Insomnia

sleep is evasive (3.53 am)
the long dark shadows of night
a security blanket (3.54 am)
enveloping my thoughts
cleansing my mind (3.55 am)
stealing my sanity
eroding my self (3.56 am)

Pastel on Handmade Paper

Pastel on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2015




The Darkness

it grows
a dark tangled clot
a malignant tumour
rotting my mind
devouring my soul

Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing

© Dawn Whitehand 2015


Sunset at the Olgas

smudgy water colour
pastel hues
jagged horizon
haphazardly strewn
perfectly captured
a vibrant backdrop
focusing red rocks
whispering in silence
empty you head
listen… The olgas

© Dawn Whitehand 2015


buzzing buzzing
tiny black flies sticky
red dusty sweat viscous honey
a rolling ball of heat suspended
fiercely in a bare blue canopy
blazing heat radiating from a rock
so old so large so red
whispering stories of ancient times

stand still be silent and listen
let the earth tell you the story

Uluru - fine liner and oil pastel on handmade paper

Uluru – fine liner and oil pastel on handmade paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2015

10 Poems That Look Like What They Mean

I love the idea of this technique – ‘concrete poetry’ …. i think I’ll give it a try!!


By May Huang

Poets employ various means to get their message across in their poems, ranging from rhyme scheme to alliteration. However, poetic meaning can also be translated visually through a form termed “concrete poetry;” indeed, numerous poets experiment with line breaks and typography to present their work in a way that ‘looks’ the way it is supposed to ‘mean.’ Here are 10 poems whose meanings lie in their appearances:

1) George Herbert – Easter Wings


Published in 1633, George Herbert’s Easter Wings is the oldest concrete poem in this list. A poem about flight in its metaphorical sense, Easter Wings aptly takes the form of a pair of wings (the likeness is even more remarkable if you rotate the poem 90 degrees to the right).

2) 40-Love by Roger McGough

The English poet Roger McGough sends readers’ eyes travelling to and fro the way a tennis ball would across…

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‘The Applicant’ by Sylvia Plath

Today, as part of expanding the scope of this blog, I wanted to share a Sylvia Plath poem – I chose ‘The Applicant’ because it is a great poem and really strikes a chord with me. It explores concepts of meaning in a patriarchal, consumer society from a feminist perspective – which is a favourite theme of mine!!

While searching the web for a version of the poem so that I could copy & paste it into my blog (as opposed to typing it all out) I found this blog post by a fellow WordPressor with a great analysis and a video of Plath reading the poem – so here it is reblogged with a dawing from me 🙂

Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper

Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper


A poem for every day

First, are you our sort of a person?
Do you wear
A glass eye, false teeth or a crutch,
A brace or a hook,
Rubber breasts or a rubber crotch,

Stitches to show something’s missing? No, no? Then
How can we give you a thing?
Stop crying.
Open your hand.
Empty? Empty. Here is a hand

To fill it and willing
To bring teacups and roll away headaches
And do whatever you tell it.
Will you marry it?
It is guaranteed

To thumb shut your eyes at the end
And dissolve of sorrow.
We make new stock from the salt.
I notice you are stark naked.
How about this suit—-

Black and stiff, but not a bad fit.
Will you marry it?
It is waterproof, shatterproof, proof
Against fire and bombs through the roof.
Believe me, they’ll bury you in it.

Now your head, excuse me, is empty.
I have…

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New Years Resolution

to let you not go
to watch in loud silence
to peer into bright darkness
to see the murky light
to dance on lead clouds
to gaze at dying stars
to listen and not learn
to accept the expected good
to realise the inevitable bad

to embrace only myself

to finally sleep peacefully

Embossed Paper Drawing with Wet Clay

Embossed Paper Drawing with Wet Clay

© Dawn Whitehand 2014