NaPoWriMo: Day Twenty Three

the door slams
as you walk out … no…
as you storm out

and the house sighs with relief

the years pass
and peace reigns
normality returns

and the house smiles with pleasure

and then you return
through that same door
shrivelled and shrunken

and the house sniggers with scorn

© Dawn Whitehand 2017


The Torment


and I remember the wretched childhood
the unending moaning
from behind closed doors
as you mourned what was no longer

yet I was still there

I still am

yet the wretchedness lingers on
ignoring my existence
as though I too never was

but i was

and I still am

Dawn Whitehand Poem

Biro on Handmade Paper

Dawn Whitehand © 2017


darkness seeps through these veins
my pounding heart an unlikely companion
invisible ceiling hovering
crushing my body
the absent tick tock of the clock
trawling through the long hours
dreamlessness a curse to my once stable mind
the sweet peace of sleep evading this restless soul
as I wait night after endless night

2016-08-03 18.46.08

© Dawn Whitehand

Playing with Words

I wrote a poem in my head today
but now my mind is completely dead
and I think back on it bleakly
hoping for that extra creative hit
even becoming unusually meditative
then it comes to me and I write furiously
my spirits to an even greater height
inspiration – the great inflater

Conte on Handmade Paper

Conte on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016


A Mother’s Day Poem

do you miss the child we never had
that cheeky smile that never was
joyous shrieks of delight at new discoveries
pitter patter pitter patter of little feet
on the cold bare floor
that could have been warm and cozy

do you miss the sparkling sunshine
shining on her golden hair
that innocent trusting stare of clear blue eyes
gazing blankly at eternal nothingness
clap clap clap clap of chubby hands
excited beyond belief at what could have been

do you miss that little life denied by fate

our child that never was

Conte on Handmade Paper

Conte on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016

The Discontent

an eerie quietness filled my ears
dark stillness piercing my ever stagnant eyes
aromaless stench tearing at my nostrils
nothing upon my tongue tantalizing taste buds
touching nothing my fingers float aimlessly
another day in the monotony of me

Conte Crayon on Handmade Paper

Conte Crayon on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016

Rebirth – World Poetry Day

playfully swirling
a cool wind scatters gumnuts across a rusty tin roof
spilt seeds bouncing randomly
waiting to be blown across the late autumn sky

tumbling and falling
finding a final resting place
a soft patch of silky dirt

snuggling in
they await the warmth of spring
the soft patter of rain
the miraculous transformation

a sapling

Dawn Whitehand Gumnut Sketch

Pen on Handmade Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016




crashing relentlessly
reverberating in my ears
your scream
piercing my haggard brain
untempered brutality
bruising my pulpy flesh
vitriolic words
destroying my once sane mind

only you

Wax on Paper

Wax on Paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016


darkness crept
a cold comforting blanket
enveloping my rotting body

warm tingling
extinguished by bitter chill
iciness soaking my veins

happy memories
brutally consumed by distance
hovering on the horizon

of oblivion

Pastel on handmade paper

Pastel on handmade paper

© Dawn Whitehand 2016

Effort – a Kenning Poem

tiresome toil
relentless drudgery
unending labour
fruitless pain
meaningless sweat

evolving benefit

welcome dividend
rewarding fortune
ultimate security
refreshing satisfaction

disagreeable loathing

A poem prompted by the topic generator

Dawn Whitehand doodle

© Dawn Whitehand 2016