Way Too Busy to Write Poetry :-(

Some regular readers may know that besides being a ‘poet’ i am also a visual artist, and maintain another blog about those shenanigans here: https://dawnwhitehand.wordpress.com/

But to address the point of this post …. I am sssooo behind on poetry posts because my visual arts life has exploded somewhat in the past couple of months & I have a multitude of projects that have occupied every breathing moment (besides the head cold I got in between) of my creative life …. these projects include:

Mums & Bubs

Birthday Partys

Coffee Cups

Book Launch


Birds Beasts and Butterflys Group Exhibition – an upcoming event, I don’t have a post about this as yet

This may not seem like much on paper but these projects have occupied my already chaotic head to the point of implosion – but on the bright side I guess that will make for some good poetry fodder in the coming months….

(the only thing that has kept me sane -from a ‘writing’ perspective – is putting pen to paper when writing Artists Statements)

So, don’t despair, I have not exited ‘stage left’…. i am just temporarily preoccupied…. or something along those lines 🙂

And just to prove it, here’s a drawing…I’ll write a poem to go with it soon 🙂

Dawn Whitehand - Abstract Art

© Dawn Whitehand 2014


Day Three Hundred and Sixty Three: 21st July 2013

it builds in my head
the knob of a peculator
bubbling and steaming
constantly gurgling
till someone pulls the plug

Tinted Charcoal on Handmade Paper

Tinted Charcoal on Handmade Paper
















© Dawn Whitehand 2013